Stanford Statistics

Here is how Stanford shakes up….


Overall Ranking- S&P+ 22, FEI 26

Defense Ranking- S&P+ 57, FEI 65

Offense Ranking- S&P+ 28, FEI 24, Pac12 YPP 3/12

Special Teams- S&P+ 12, FEI 1



Run Offense S&P + 56

Run yards per play- 2 out of 12 in conference play

Pass Offense S&P + 71

Pass YPP & Rating 10/12

Explosiveness- S&P+ 2

Efficiency- S&P+ 103



Run Defense S&P + 79

Run Defense YPP- 8 out of 12

Pass Defense S&P + 65

Pass YPP & Rating 7 & 8 out of 12

Explosiveness- S&P+ 20

Defense Efficiency- S&P+ 103


The strengths of Stanford are Bryce Love, special teams play, red zone offense, linebacker play and the secondary (in that order).

The weaknesses of Stanford (relatively speaking because Stanford is decent) are run defense, the DL (minus Harrison Phillips), inconsistent quarterback play and an offense that is weak without Bryce Love.

The key matchup for the UW D will not be Bryce Love but will be the secondary against Stanford’s size at WR/TE. Look for Stanford to try and take advantage of some matchups there and attack UW through the air.

On the other side, UW should be able to run the ball. The key will be getting something in the pass game from Browning which would further loosen up Stanford’s defense.

UW has been a worse team on the road and has started very slow there. Stanford has been a much worse team on the road but will have the home field advantage.


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