Spring thoughts

Today capped the off season natty and by the end? It was full on doog time.

Player of the day: Vita Vea. This dude is ready to burst onto the scene. He has the size, foot work, and aggression to dominate. He also had a designed run play on offense in skeleton drills (hope this replaces the Lindy package). He must have had a dozen tackles and absolutely pancaked Freshman Henry Roberts. It reminded of the days when Nick Wood was getting destroyed by opposing defenses’.


Most impressive: Drew Sample. He has put on the size expected from a prototypical UW tight end. He ┬áhas visibly gotten bigger and stronger. Very excited to see how he fits into the offense. Most versatile of the TE’s.

Most overrated: Jamon Dotson. Don’t see him holding onto the #3 RB. Kinne or Mcgrew will supplant.

Bold prediction: Tony Rodriguez wins the backup QB job.

General thoughts:

Browning & Ross are special. Not 2017 special, but right now special. Ross has clearly added the 15-20 pounds as rumored. Browning hit a pin point bomb to Ross today that will make you tingle inside for what is to come. Mclatcher is looking like what Mickens had always wanted to do from the slot by catching the ball then making big plays after the catch with his feet.

The offensive line actually has size across the board including the second team. Devin Burleson might be the biggest lineman I have ever seen in person outside of Lincoln Kennedy. I think it is safe to say that Pete has put an emphasis on the lines that has been lacking since 2000. Outside of the fact this group is still young the promise is certainly there.

Tight end. Daniels, Sample, and Dissly look like they will make this group a strength. There is finally quality depth that has been sorely lacking. Lets hope J Smith takes advantage.

Areas of concern:

Running back is razor thin after Coleman. Coleman looks like he is ready to be the back up UW needs to keep the running game going when Gaskin needs a breather. Mcgrew better match the hype.

Back up QB. Bottom line, Browning must stay healthy.

Wide Receiver. Ross will make guys better, but Pettis needs to step up as the other outside guy. This group needs a strong summer. Connor Griffin reeled in some tough catches. He snagged a pass that was too high for most, but he was able to bring it down. It will be interesting if he makes it into the rotation.


Most impressive: Vita Vea

Most overrated: Wooching

Bold Prediction: Will rank in the top 5 nationally by end of year in total defense.

Am I really saying this? The d-line looks to be the deepest since the early 90’s? Qualls, Gaines, Johnson, Vea, are all 300+ and look like they are primed for national recognition. Hopefully Bowman can provide 15-25 quality snaps as he is tipping the scales at 290. Vita Vea lit it up today.

Linebacker. I love this group. Jusstis Warren is mammoth. The young backers are big bodies. Bartlett, Victor and Bierra better be damn good behind the d-line in front of them.

The corner position is deep….nuff said. Rapp had some solid reads out of the safety position and sniffed out a couple plays and displayed sure tackling even though his injured hand was wrapped the size of a bowling ball.

Frankly, it appears that there is little weakness on the defense. The expectations should be very high for this group.


No more butterballs and skinny arms. This team is tanned, ready and rested. This is the year for UW to turn the corner.

Recruiting has been on fire. If Pete finds 10 wins this year, the recruiting will be off the charts.

It is time to wake the sleeping giant.

Oh, and everyone loves to mention the weather. It was a beautiful day today. Lots of sun…