Husky Football Websites as Presidential Candidates = Hillary Clinton

The most powerful, most establishment, most corrupt and has the longest history. Has taken and routinely changed positions on husky football matters over the years entirely to serve its own self interest of advancement and power. With respect to its own legacy, predictions and other things has been dishonest. = Donald Trump

Used to be part of the establishment but is anti-establishment and attacks and mocks the establishment. The majority of their anti-establishment shtick is correct. Also, has made factually correct yet politically incorrect statements on some issues. On other issues is woefully incorrect and stuck in the past. Overestimates its own support and popularity which is too narrow and not broad. Conduct and tone are belligerent and offensive though very humorous at times. = Gary Johnson

Broke off from the above group when realized he no longer agreed with their views. Attacked by the above as fringe with no support. = Bernie Sanders ???

Has a good sized following. Most similar to Dawgman but won’t attack it even though has differences.



Who did I miss? Let me know with a comment.

(photo credit: CNN)