Chris Petersen Has Taken Washington Recruiting to the Next Level

UW’s 2017 recruiting class (or 2016 class as I categorize in the chart below) is currently #10 when ranked by average stars by

It is best to focus on that ranking for two reasons. It is more predictive than the usual way of rating classes. That way places an equal emphasis on the number of recruits and the quality of each recruit. Schools that recruit more effectively and have lower attrition rates will tend to have smaller classes over time and therefore be docked by the typical recruiting rankings. On the other hand, those coaches who have very high attrition rates will bring in bigger classes year by year (to makeup for the attrition) and benefit from the typical rankings. Steve Sarkisian is an example.

Circling back to Chris Petersen, he has broken through #20 which was the highest ranking UW could achieve since the class after the Rose Bowl during the 2000 season. After last season Petersen’s class actually tied UCLA for 17th nationally and second in the Pac-12. The current class will obviously be a major breakthrough as it will finish in the top 15 and perhaps close to #10 if 5* Foster Sarrell is included.

Petersen currently has UW 9-1 and a top 7 team by pretty much everything you can look at. That is quite encouraging considering it is a team with few seniors and comprised of essentially classes not in the top 20. The talent level is only going to improve.