OL Coach Chris Strausser Leaving UW for Denver Broncos

OL Coach Chris Strausser is leaving UW to be an “assistant” OL coach for the Denver Broncos.

Adam Jude and many other husky fans who populate Dawgman and UWDawgpound seem oblivious to the fact that the move for Strausser is a downgrade. He was making $450K/year at UW as a position coach at a program that is a serious contender. The average pay for an assistant OL coach is $225K/year. No Strausser did not leave on his own accord. He was pushed out.

Strausser has done a great job coaching up offensive lineman at UW as well at Boise. He’s put some guys in the NFL and Trey Adams and Kaleb McGary will be added to that group.

However, he went 0 for 3 on three key offensive line recruits in the past two years that UW had to get. First it was losing Michael Eletise last year to Arizona. This year it was losing Alijah Vera Tucker and Foster Sarrell. The first two were UW leans while Sarrell was not. Still, there was no reason to not go two for three here. Sarrell did get sucked up into a nerd cult that protects its rapist athletes and allows sexual assault on its campus but nevertheless a strong recruiter could have convinced him to stay home and play for a school that can compete for national championships.

The fact is if you want to seriously compete for national championships you need to recruit at an elite level. You essentially need half of your roster to be blue chip players (4 stars and better) and you need to recruit in the top 15 (star average) almost every year. For UW, that means getting all the blue chip guys in our backyard as well as those that are strong leans. And that means you can ill afford to whiff on everyone you need to get at one position.

In short, Chris Strausser’s recruiting was a liability if you want to compete for national championships. The fact that he was pushed out, moved out, etc, is clear evidence that Chris Petersen is not fucking around. He wants to win a national championship.

It sucks for Strausser, a guy who has worked with Pete for a long time and is a proven OL coach who certainly played a role in UW winning the Pac-12 championship and making the playoff. His recruiting was simply too much of a liability for a school that wants to compete for a national championship. You can be a top 10 or even top 5 team with mostly three and four star recruits. But the bar is even higher to crack the top 4 and eventually win a national championship.