Quick Update to Coaches Study Data

A year ago we posted a study looking at successful college coaches and how Chris Petersen could compare. You can see that here.

The image below is from that study but not updated. We bolded a few of the best current coaches not to win a national championship. Dabo was 56-12 from year 4 to 8 but we counted 3.5 to 7.5 because he technically did not coach a full season in year one. He’s now coached 8.5 seasons so if we look at year 4 to 8 for him he is 60-9 (87%) and 36-5 (89%) in conference.

We know that Petersen is a championship coach but to be a national championship coach (and if this is the start of a 5-year run) he needs to win at a +80% clip and even higher in conference.