Can 2018 Offense be as Good as 2016 Offense?

Let’s compare the 2016 vs. 2018 offense player by player. Because the offense has different packages, we will look at a few more players beyond starters.

The bold shows who I think is better…


WR- John Ross / Andre Baccielia

TE- Darrell Daniels / Hunter Bryant (Bryant provides great receiving threat)

TE- Dissly, Sample / Drew Sample (2018 offense may lack the exceptional TE blocking in 2016)

OT- Kaleb McGary / Kaleb McGary (McGary took a big leap in 2017, easy call)

OG- Nick Harris / Luke Wattenberg (Right guard in 2016 was a major weakness)

QB- Jake Browning / Jake Browning (Deeper skill group + good OL should help Jake)

RB- Myles Gaskin / Myles Gaskin 

RB- Lavon Coleman / Savon Ahmed (Love Coleman’s game and leadership but Ahmed is a home run threat and dynamite in the pass game)

C- Coleman Shelton / Nick Harris

OG- Jake Eldrenkamp / Henry Bainivalu (Eldrenkamp was 1st-team all P12)

OT- Tre Adams / Tre Adams

WR- Chico McClatcher / Chico McClatcher

WR- Dante Pettis / Ty Jones


The 2018 offense has a good chance to be more well-rounded than the 2016 offense because of Savon Ahmed, Hunter Bryant and what should be a very deep group of receivers. If Tre and Chico can bounce back from injuries then the 2018 offense will be better as far as individual personel.

The health of Tre Adams could be the biggest question as he would solidify the OL. The 2016 OL was very good but against good teams had a major weakness at right guard. If Harris pans out at Center (where he played in HS) and the highly recruited young guys come along, then the 2018 OL may not be as dominant but it may more well rounded.

There is no gamebreaker at receiver like John Ross but Hunter Bryant is a dynamic tight end who can really stretch the field and a handful of blue chip freshman or true freshman should emerge at wide receiver by seasons end.

Savon Ahmed is another big-play threat that the 2016 offense did not have.

Overall, the health of Tre Adams and the development of the blue chip wideouts will determine whether this offense is merely good or one of the absolute best units in the conference.

The 2018 offense should have a deeper set of skill guys thanks to the return of Gaskin. Bryant, Ahmed and Gaskin may be nearly as potent of a trio as Ross, Pettis and Gaskin. In addition to Chico, the 2018 offense has more talent in its depth. Guys like Fuller, Ty Jones, Cook, Spiker and Osborne give the skill group the depth it lacked in 2016.

Perhaps the 2018 offense won’t be as dominant but it should be more solid against better competition. Again, the big keys are the successful return of Tre Adams and the development of the young WRs.