UW Recruiting Update

Recruiting “level’d up” with the 2017 class which by 247, ranked #15. And that is by average, not by the total points metric. The average focuses on quality while the total points factors in quality and number of recruits signed.

The 2018 class was awesome. It was #12 and experts we trust believe that some of the 3-star guys signed could turn out really good.

A few examples include CB Dominique Hampton, OL Victor Curne as well as LB MJ Tafisi who I’m told could have gotten an offer from Alabama if he was taller.

So where are we now?

Well the 2019 class is off to somewhat of a slow start but that is ok as the Dawgs should finish strong. Recall last year’s finish? It was gangbusters.

Right now, UW is #21 in quality and that excludes the Kicker commit which drags down the average. The average is 87.8.

The good news is here are a list of targets that UW has a legit chance at:

DT Faatui Tuitele- 98.6

DT Siaki Ika 97.8

OT Enokk Vimahi 95.7

LB Maninoa Tufono 95.6

DT Jacob Bandes 95.5

DE Stephen Wright 91.0

OL Julius Buelow 91.8

LB Daniel Heimuli 89.4

OLB Bralen Trice 88.5

I’ve bolded the 4 guys I think UW has the best shot at. Buelow is very close to committing and the same could be true for Tufono who is a legacy.

Get those 4 guys and the average would rise to 89.15. Add Stephen Wright and Jacob Bandes and we are up to 89.6.

I expect we will get at least 4 of these guys, probably 5 and maybe 6.

Going by the rankings from 2018, an average of 89 puts you at #17, while +90 puts you at 15th or higher. There’s probably a tiny bit of ranking inflation year by year but still, its a good guide.

I think we will come very close to 90.00 and at worst be #17-#18, which is fine considering the monster in-state classes in 2020-2021.

Those years put us in position to have even stronger classes than in 2018. From 2017 thru 2021 we should have 5 years of very strong classes.