UW Recruiting Update

Here are two charts..

The first is UW’s rank based on quality. It’s based on the average ranking of each recruit in the class (points / # of recruits) rather than the points approach (number of recruits x points). 

UW is currently #14 (if we exclude the kicker). 

Next we have the number of blue chip recruits in the class and a 4-year running total of blue chip recruits. 

Here are the highest-rated targets still on the board…

WR Kyle Ford 98.00

LB Henry To’oo’to 98.00

LB Laitu Latu 94.24

DL Drake Jackson 93.00

LB Danny Heimuli 91.48

DL Stephon Wright 90.75

I think UW has an excellent chance to get 3 of those guys and a good chance to get 4. That would bring the number of blue chips in the class to 14-15 which surges past even the strong numbers of the last two classes. Get 4 of those guys and UW should finish #12 or #13.