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UW Recruiting Update

Recruiting “level’d up” with the 2017 class which by 247, ranked #15. And that is by average, not by the total points metric. The average focuses on quality while the total points factors in quality and number of recruits signed. The 2018 class was awesome. It was #12 and experts we trust believe that some

Statistical Look at Where UW Needs to Improve in 2018 (Offense)

We looked at the stats for in-conference games during Petersen’s tenure to quantify where UW needs improvement in 2018. The numbers are for 2014, 2016, 2017, 2017. The number in parenthesees is the rank in conference. We bolded 2016 and 2017. Let’s start with the offense… Sack Yards Allowed- 160, 180, 79, 127 Explosive Plays-

Stanford Statistics

Here is how Stanford shakes up….   Overall Ranking- S&P+ 22, FEI 26 Defense Ranking- S&P+ 57, FEI 65 Offense Ranking- S&P+ 28, FEI 24, Pac12 YPP 3/12 Special Teams- S&P+ 12, FEI 1   Offense… Run Offense S&P + 56 Run yards per play- 2 out of 12 in conference play Pass Offense S&P